"George Fraser" may also refer to:

* George Fraser (1832–1901), New Zealand engineer, foundry proprietor and ship owner

* George Fraser (Canadian football) (1911–1992), Canadian football player

* George Fraser (footballer) (1881–1951), Scottish football player and manager

* George Fraser (horticulturist), British horticulturist, hybridizer of rhododendrons

* George Fraser (diplomat), Australian diplomat

* George MacDonald Fraser (1925–2008), British author

* George R. Fraser (born 1932)

* George Sutherland Fraser (1915–1980), British poet

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The rumors from the astrophysics community are that they are very fearful that the money will be directed to rectifying the problems with the shuttle.

And in terms of online music subscription services, we are a big part of the MusicNet service which will be launched next month, so we've got that end covered.

It's not so surprising that BT has agreements with both (RealNetworks and Microsoft). BT tries to be pretty platform agnostic.

Our architecture is set up so that you can stream any media through any transport, from any protocol to any device with full security built in.

BT is in fact the first to deploy our platform and have been using it for about a month.