Our financial results continue to be seriously impacted by the adverse effects of the strong dollar, reduced earnings in our core business driven by an intensifying competitive environment, and losses in digital. We are making significant changes in the company's operations to compete effectively in this environment.

The joint development and cross-licensing agreement ... let's us avoid quibbling about technical details and move forward quickly.

1998 was a year of excellent progress for Kodak, despite continuing intense competition, the issues with the Office Imaging business, and on-going challenges in emerging markets. On the competitive front, we arrested our share loss in the U.S., closing out the year with a share increase for the consumer film in that market.

In less than a year, roughly one third of our senior management team has changed, we are taking large amounts of cost out of the company, faster than ever in the history of Kodak.

Kodak plans to achieve top-line growth of 8 to 12 percent by 2004, ... That's an important part of achieving our average annual earnings per share growth target of at least 10 percent, over time.

It can't be the bus ride there takes longer than the games we play. That's what usually happens.

It's not good enough for us to just make the state tournament.

Down here, you are always looking for that missing piece.

You can't coach that. You either have it or not.