Our mines are among the safest in the country, so we are not operating from the perspective of having to do something precipitous.

It's a critical part of our effort to support the war fighter and we want to be an industry leader.

With Richard, he has no agenda other than promote mine safety. He's always been accessible to all sides.

It is very nice for someone like me to be recognised by one's peers. This award is however not related to my area of specialty; it is for my work relating science to humanity.

Science is really important for the long-term future of the country, I think it's important for the economy and I think it's important for developing the capacities of people, whatever they're going to do.

What we're looking for is a sense of uniformity. It would be clearer and less confusing to be operating under similar standards.

Gas is the best answer I can give you. Coal was replaced by gas in the mid 1960s, and at the time it was cheaper and easier. You didn't have to put coal up on the fire every day.

It is always great to get an award - particularly when it talks about a lifetime achievement, ... There's something about starting and keeping going, rather than a one-off spike.

These two (gas and oil markets) should be doing their own thing. It hasn't been that way of late.