We just got out of sync in the first half. My guys just weren't shooting the ball and it wasn't just their defense. We were taking too many quick shots and too many 3's.

We've just got to win Friday night to secure sole possession of first. We've already secured the No. 1 seed, but that's no good for me. I still want to win.

We don't use the press to necessarily get steals and points. We press throughout the game to wear teams down. And I thought they wore down a bit under our pressure.

You've got the No. 1 team and the No. 2 team in the conference playing each other; it's supposed to be a dogfight.

They say that three is the charm, and it was a nice time for us to get some payback. But that was a good team that we just beat.

We moved the ball extremely well on offense, but I think it was our defense that really helped us. This was a great night for our seniors; everyone played well.

They were taking a lot of quick shots but, unfortunately for us, they were hitting some of them.