I wouldn't have any problem with that, if it would stop the thievery. My customers wouldn't mind doing it, I don't think. They're honest people.

Some of the workers that ended up working there were graduates of those programs.

I received quite a lot of ribbing whenever I went into the bank and people were always offering me Havana cigars - it was very nice.

Some states require if you attend a course, that you have to get somebody at the course to sign the certificate.

Mountain men traveled in very large parties and trapped beavers in the Rocky Mountains, and every year they gathered in a rendezvous. That's where they would sell the hides to traders.

You can't do something for 15 years on and off, making 107 episodes, without absolutely loving it. It was heaven.

We were pleased with the opportunity to co-promote XIFAXAN, ... We are confident that XIFAXAN should serve as a major contributor to Salix's ongoing success. ALTANA has made the strategic decision to realign its efforts in the respiratory therapeutic area. Therefore, in order to focus our efforts, ALTANA and Salix have agreed to end their co-promotion activities.

They've tried to make it flexible enough that you can get what you need without being forced to go to Timbuktu and take a very expensive seminar.

This is just the first phase of things.