[Years later, when Baker learned that Gaye had been killed by his father, he thought back to the last time he saw Gaye.] He was in bad shape, just...detached, ... going to a drive-in, or sit around playing poker, or chase girls, or let them chase us.

People always ask me about Marvin Gaye, ... I was just looking for a gig, and Marvin was looking for a guitar player.

I think it's been a good experience to play against Spackenkill players because they're always so talented. We held our own on a hard course.

You have to deal with this in political terms, not in economical terms.

He's a great player and he handles himself so well. He's really a pleasure to watch.

I wouldn't say it's futile -- the opportunity is there. It's worthwhile to keep fighting to save the resources we have there.

We worked hard, we put our best foot forward, and we'll move on.

They're doing a nice dance around the question of private investment.

It always surprises me, and pleases me, that they still come because they enjoy it. At this age, it takes a physical effort.