The claim is that when they discovered a person was gay or transgender they panicked, and that somehow justifies their violence.

It will totally take away the argument that it is just 'activist judges' who are finding for marriage nondiscrimination. It's the people's representatives in the largest state in the nation doing this.

Clearly he's pandering to an extreme right wing, which was not how he got elected. He got elected with record numbers of lesbian and gay voters who had not previously voted for a Republican, and he sold us out.

Dale brings incredible passion and a formidable base of knowledge to this role. We are fortunate to have her vision and leadership as we work to educate Californians about the cost of marriage discrimination and how a repeal of domestic partnership protections would hurt California families.

Both of these measures would result in hundreds of thousands of people losing health insurance.

While domestic partnership rights fall short of access to marriage equality for all Californians, they do provide key protections for hard-working couples who are trying to raise children and protect families.

As the debate today shows, love conquers fear, principle conquers politics and equality conquers injustice, and the governor can now secure his legacy as a true leader by signing this bill.