"Gene Warren, Sr." won an Academy Award for the special effects on George Pal's The Time Machine (1960 film)/The Time Machine in 1960. He also contributed to such projects as The Way of Peace (film)/The Way of Peace (1947), Land of the Lost (1974 TV series)/Land of the Lost (1974), Man from Atlantis, and The Crow: City of Angels.

He operated several visual effects companies in Hollywood over the years: Excelsior Productions and Centaur Productions; the latter teaming with fellow effects artist Wah Chang/Wah Ming Chang. Gene died of cancer on 17 July 1997 in Los Angeles.

His son, Gene Warren, Jr., owns Fantasy II Film Effects and won an Academy Award for visual effects on Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

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They want to follow some goal or dream they have.

What goes unsaid is that you want to lure not just retirees, but resourceful retirees ? retirees with good income.

Florida has no income tax, and they tout that far and wide. If states want to compete for boomer retirees, they need to offer some type of tax incentives.