What I heard when we started this war was we'd be out in 10 years, ... That's the timetable I think we should keep. I think everyone should know that in six years we are leaving.

Unfortunately, I don't see a circumstance when prices will come down.

The war is a factor because production in Iraq is down a third because insurgents continually are attacking the oil wells, ... In World War II, we provided all our own oil. Now we provide only 50 percent of what we use, which means we import a lot.

You get an F-minus in my book.

What you lost was a lot of local knowledge.

You are waiting on someone who isn't coming. Half the National Guard is in Iraq.

You all turned this around; it was pretty chaotic before you got here.

Our nation works best when we work together, and a September 11-type commission composed of whoever needs to be subpoenaed, is what we need to do.

What we do in government now affects the future of 18- to 30-year-olds, yet few vote and most people don't understand them, ... I like to encourage their participation in government, and I like to hear their take on issues.