Gene Lamont
FameRank: 5

"As player"

* Detroit Tigers

"As coach"

* Pittsburgh Pirates (–, )

* Boston Red Sox ()

* Houston Astros (–)

* Detroit Tigers (–present)

"As manager"

* Chicago White Sox (–)

* Pittsburgh Pirates (–)

/ highlights =

* 1993 American League Manager of the Year Award


"Gene William Lamont" (born December 25, 1946) is a former catcher and manager (baseball)/manager in Major League Baseball who managed the Chicago White Sox (1992–1995) and Pittsburgh Pirates (1997–2000). He batted left-handed and threw right-handed. Lamont is currently the bench coach for the Detroit Tigers.

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A lot of times, you have to go from the gut. He figures out what pitchers can and can't do as quickly as anybody -- and I think better than anybody.

The players and pitchers keep themselves in better shape year-round. They never let themselves get out of shape.

Gavin made it tough on himself in the first inning. He never really seemed to get into a rhythm, even though he settled down after that. He struggled with his control (five walks).

I thought he'd get the Philadelphia job. I think not getting that job surprised Jim. It surprised me. He was down. Then you could see he really wanted to manage again.

I would say now it's next to impossible for us to make the playoffs. Even if we won the rest of our games, everything would have to fall absolutely perfect with Buffalo and Rochester for us to have a prayer.

Our meeting was well attended by faculty, staff and parents of the children in our community that entertained prior to the meeting, but everyone stayed during the meeting. We were glad to see everyone and we would love to see such large attendance in the future.

When we got above .500, we still had a chance. But we just haven't been able to score runs, and we really hurt ourselves.

He really missed the competition. I knew he was kind of itching to get back in.

I don't think Jim was really happy with the Denver situation. I don't think people understood that he didn't jump ship there. It just didn't work out. But I think that ate at Jim's craw.