"Gene Atkins Hill" is known for his contribution to nature-related magazines and his subsequent books.

Hill served in Okinawa Island/Okinawa during World War II. Upon graduation from Harvard University/Harvard, he worked as an advertising copywriter for several Madison Avenue agencies, including J. Walter Thompson Company/J. Walter Thompson.

At first, Hill moonlighted as an outdoors columnist for magazines including Guns & Ammo and Sports Afield. Then, in 1977, he left his day job to become a full-time columnist and associate editor at Field & Stream, where he also wrote the monthly column, "Hill Country". In his outdoor columns, and later in more than a dozen books, Hill wrote about his many outdoor pursuits. Many remember him for his stories of hunting dogs and our relations with them.

Books by Hill include:

* A Hunter's Fireside Book (1972)

* Mostly Tailfeathers (1975)

* Hill Country (1978)

* A Gallery of Waterfowl and Upland Birds (1978)

* The Whispering Wings of Autumn (1981)

* Tears and Laughter (1981)

* Outdoor Yarns & Outright Lies (1983)

* A Listening Walk...and Other Stories (1985)

* Shotgunner's Notebook (1989)

* Sunlight & Shadows (1990)

* Just Mutts (1996)

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