It's not an either-or. Broadcast does an exceptional job of carpet-bombing and interactive is efficient and does an excellent job of site-bombing. It is the combination that wins the war.

Adding the P&G infrastructure is like putting a growth hormone into Gillette, and that in turn helps P&G businesses. P&G is continuing its growth into developing markets at a very fast rate and already has surpassed the market leaders of previous centuries in developing markets.

Spending all that money for a one-day hit is a fool's errand. If you're smart, you use your Super Bowl presence to feed your business through the rest of the year.

There are more failures than there are successes.

Procter did overpay for what was there, but not for what they bought. Give them a month and see what Fusion can do.

They will let the consumer lead, and they will follow them to where, and importantly, when, they lead.