Obviously we played all right. We lost a one-goal game in double-overtime.

It would be nice of their manager Tommy Taylor to ring us rather than go to the media, especially when it is a contracted player. Tommy should know better.

We will just be trying to win so that we increase the gap between us and them. I thought Eastbourne bought well in the summer and I don't expect them to be languishing where they are for too long.

We started our careers together and we wanted to finish our careers together. And going to Florida gives us that opportunity.

I gave Dale permission to speak to them because it was an opportunity for him to go full-time, but the offer Grays made was totally unacceptable to us. From our point of view, they were trying to pinch him on extremely cheap terms.

I just know we're ecstatic about the opportunity to come down with probably a younger group of guys than we had in Toronto and a great goaltender in Luongo. We feel we can make an impact and make the Florida Panthers a better hockey team.

It's really fun to be back out playing again. It's been a long layoff for everybody. Old or young, I think it's real exciting for everybody to get back and get back in that routine of being a hockey player.

We were looking at the camp roster during our (team) meeting (the other) night, Joe and I, and I didn't see many guys (born) in the 1960s. There were some '80s, some '85s. You realize how much older you are, but we're definitely excited to be here and be part of this team.

Everyone knows New Orleans was a marginal major league market. More and more, the NFL has come to rely on corporate dollars and New Orleans doesn't have a very large corporate base.