We want to throw high percentage stuff this year, but it's like I told Gary the other day, if we call a pass and it's not there, pull the ball down and run with it and we'll come back and call another play. We just don't want him trying to force things and make mistakes.

We have to believe there's someone out there who knows what happened and can provide the information we need on this tragic case. It's quite possible that the boat we're looking for may have been moved to another state and, hopefully, additional publicity will encourage someone to step forward if they have seen any boat matching the description of what we are looking for.

To say the lake is any more dangerous or less dangerous, I don't know that I can say that, and I've been here 24 years. I'm somewhat surprised we don't have more accidents. But I'm pleased that a combination of a lot of things, including boater compliance to regulations and the efforts of the lake patrol, have made these lakes safe to use.

Since we lost our quarterback from last year, I thought I should step up because I have some experience, ... I like the position, so I thought I would give it a shot this year.

80 percent is true; 20 percent is exaggerated truth.

Presence is an important tool. There's no question that people understand now that we don't have officers out there 24 hours a day. If they knew we were out there are at 3, 4, 5 in the morning, I believe that would have an impact.

The potential of getting hit from behind is always there. And at night, it becomes so much more difficult to judge the situation.

The people of Cascade County have been so generous in sending help to the areas affected by the hurricanes, and we are confident that those same people will help us achieve our goal, which will allow us to continue meeting needs right here in our own community.

And planted her boat right on top of the one in front of her.