"Gary Mitchell" is a Northern Irish people/Northern Irish playwright. By the 2000s, he had become "one of the most talked about voices in European theatre ... whose political thrillers have arguably made him Northern Ireland's greatest playwright".

From a working-class, Ulster loyalism/loyalist background, Mitchell's first foray into writing was for Radio 4. His first play was produced by Tinderbox but Mitchell's first major theatre success was the production (by Connall Morrison) of his In A Little World of Our Own at the Peacock, a gripping and unflinching portrayal of loyalist culture. It won The Irish Times Theatre Award for Best New Play in 1997, and it later went to Belfast as part of an Abbey Theatre tour. The following year the Peacock Theatre produced his As The Beast Sleeps.

He was writer-in-residence at the Royal National Theatre, London in 1999.

His works have also premiered at London's Royal Court Theatre. Force of Change won the Evening Standard Charles Wintour Award (£30,000) for Most Promising Playwright.

He won the prestigious Stewart Parker Award for Independent Voice; other accolades include the George Devine Award.

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I depict the Unionist community in a fair light. I depict them the way I see them. Maybe they want it more romantic. I don't find anything heroic in attacking 17-year-olds and pensioners.

It's very disruptive to watch a family struggle through it and see a little boy being frightened all the time.

We wouldn't be here if it weren't about abuse. How much do we ask of a 14-year-old child when none of us would have tolerated a tenth of that?

I have had threats, people saying they were going to get me. The police have told me to alter my routine, not to frequent certain pubs and clubs. There's a playground-bully mentality that I have lived with.

By the end of this trial, the jury is going to know the state is trying to hide this abuse.

All these guys are in a band called Stockholm Syndrome with Dave Schools of Widespread Panic. And with the Panic playing in Aspen this weekend, even more special guests are always possible.

Despite the drop in house fire deaths, there has been no improvement in getting homeowners to maintain working smoke alarms. We know that smoke alarms save lives, but there has been a very lax attitude about maintaining them.

He gets called into the bedroom. There lying in the bed is his stepmother, naked, and he's told that he's going to have sex with her.

This abuse against this child needs to end and that means the abuse by the state of New Mexico in prosecuting it, too.