We think it's best for everyone involved . . . if these restrictions are adhered to and are followed so we can operate safely and those who are on strike can picket safely.

We're still trying to gain a better understanding of what happened.

We believe there's evidence that a few unionized inspectors are expressing support for the UFCW local 401 by staying away from the plant to keep it from operating.

We certainly understand there will be tension in the plant, especially given some of the verbal abuse and threats made by picketers during the strike, ... However, we're going to do our best to peacefully bring this workforce back together so we can resume normal operations.

We were successful in getting more than 700 of our people into the plant, and we have had production at the plant.

We have more than 1,000 of our team members who turned out this morning to work at the plant, ... They met at a staging area and that number far exceeds the 200 people on the picket line.

We're hopeful this unfortunate matter can be quickly resolved so we can continue rebuilding our export business in Japan. Our shipments to Japan have been steady since the market reopened. However, as expected, volumes have been limited because of Japan's import restrictions.

We question whether the unionized inspectors' alleged safety concerns are genuine.

The plant is not currently operating.