Our main objective was to keep the folks in the county comfortable. We knew we couldn't make things perfect for them, but we wanted to make it more bearable for them.

Our main objective was not to get anyone killed while trying to save somebody.

It was the best game we've played in a couple of weeks. We played good defense and went back to the basics. It was a tough game, but from here on out every game is going to be tough.

Our plan was to open one lane so ambulance and fire trucks could get through. We had a lot of people out there during the storm, when it was extremely dangerous, making sure this happened.

These numbers have been reported to the Red Cross, as well as the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

When we're at home, the girls will be traveling. I enjoy watching the girls play, but on the other hand, if I'm up in Fort Bragg I'll be happy not to be playing that last game of the night.

For about two hours, we had no communication in the county.