Gary Gaetti
FameRank: 5

"Gary Joseph Gaetti", nicknamed "G-Man", "Rat", or "Zorn", is an American former third baseman in Major League Baseball for the Minnesota Twins (1981–1990), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/California Angels (1991–1993), Kansas City Royals (1993–1995), St. Louis Cardinals (1996–1998), Chicago Cubs (1998–1999) and Boston Red Sox (2000).

Gaetti won a World Series with Minnesota in 1987 World Series/1987 and was the MVP of that year's American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers. In 1987, Gaetti became the first player ever to hit home runs in his first two postseason plate appearances. Gaetti is the current manager of the independent league Sugar Land Skeeters.

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It's been a great ballpark for everybody the fans and players yet it's probably time for something new when you see it the way we see it. There's a lot of great memories here.

You know that the true test comes when things are not going good. He went through that here.

It's not like the Championship Series, where you're so close to getting there. Now that you're here, you can relax.

I think everybody's feeling better today. But there's still a feeling of your town is getting crushed and nobody knows what's going on.

I'd say he's well on his way to coming back in September and helping us. It all depends on how he feels. I think he can probably step in there right now and hit. That's how it is for Major Leaguers. He seems to be far ahead of where he was before he had his surgery, but I'm only basing that on batting practice.

It's man to man now. Let's see what you've got.

It's a unique place.

I can't fathom the destruction. It's the scope of the loss. It's knowing how long it's going to take to get things back to normal. There are parts of New Orleans that will never be the same.

In that regard, it's very important for him to take as close to a full speed batting practice as he can. It looks like he's able to do that now, and I've never seen that before from him.