"Gary Close" is an assistant coach on the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball/Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team.

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He has great hands and I think his defense helps him in the sense that they force a lot of bad shots and he's there to gobble them all up. Teams aren't shooting a high percentage so there's a lot more rebounds to be had and he's doing a great job of grabbing them.

I'm surprised he doesn't get more recognition nationwide. He's a much better 3-point shooter than he was a couple of years ago. He can score a ton of different ways.

If you would have told me we were going to score 75 points, I figured we would have had a pretty good chance of winning the game. We had a hard time defending them, literally, every possession.

They're healthy, they're focused and they're back playing the way they were playing earlier in the season.

We just could not consistently stop them, whether it was a jump shot, whether it was a drive to the rim, whether it was a second chance. For us to give up 94 points was really out of character.

Quick hands. He'll take the thing away from you if you aren't protecting the ball. He'll jump passing lanes. He'll strip you. He plays both ends of the court, no question.