"Gary C. Clark" is a former professional American football wide receiver in the National Football League who played for the Washington Redskins (1985–1992), Arizona Cardinals/Phoenix Cardinals (1993–1994) and Miami Dolphins (1995).

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I was just a very emotional player. I wore my emotions on my sleeve. I pretty much told you how I felt. I didn't mince words, so to speak. If I felt bad, I let you know that I felt bad. If I felt you were playing sorry, I told you. If I was playing sorry, I told myself that. I came from an era when losing really hurt. I didn't see anything good about it.

It's almost to the point that we need election observers. The limits we have now are almost the same as in a developing society: an economic infrastructure that's been devastated and various factions trying to seize political control and influence.

In my mind, we didn't take the step we thought we would take this year. Beyond that, we have to see the big picture and in that context, Larry has strung together some winning seasons in a row that, quite honestly, haven't happened a lot here.

He could never sit at home and not do anything. I think that's why he didn't retire. I think also, although he never said it, but I think he wanted to keep providing for the family. He was the toughest guy I've ever known.

There's a lot of worry. We have seen some improvement over the winter, but soil moisture is nowhere near where it ought to be. Things are not shaping up for a good year at all.

Obviously, everybody is a little disappointed about where we finished this year, but we're excited about next year and have high expectations.

I always thought I was healthy, thought I was healthy as a horse, but the past five months I've been sick three times with the same upper respiratory infection.

We're excited about it. It's a great opportunity for both our team and players as well as our fans.

Playing in front of a hostile crowd is motivation for us. We are used to being the underdog in every big game. We just have to hustle more and win all the loose balls.