They receive credit not necessarily because of the number of days they're here, but the mastery of their learning.

We're going to be patient on offense again and work it around. If we have the ball, they can't score. We just have to control the tempo.

They start at the very beginning. The whole account of Adam and Eve is a very romantic picture. I'm also thinking about Samson. That's a really unique picture. He went down to this land and saw this lady and got what I call 'the tingles.' In that culture the parents worked out the details. I think that the phenomenon in that initial attraction is seen throughout human history.

At the end of the game, we had it just where we wanted to. The play was executed perfectly and we got a good look at the end.

They have to have end of course testing just like at the traditional high school as well as pass the Georgia high school graduation test to get their diploma.

It will be an uphill battle, but we've been fighting an uphill battle for the last three weeks. So far we've succeeded.

Many kids don't fit that mold of the high school setting and they need a lot of additional support or just a different way of learning.

Our shooting wasn't there tonight. The first quarter turnovers hurt us, and Hobbs' hot shooting got us too deep in the hole.

The demographic of rugby is very much a target for our business because they have a high income. We have aspirations of being a global brand and rugby is a major contributor.