He's an adorable dog. He obviously belonged to someone.

Most of the dogs were running away, all emaciated, weak, but they could still run. The strategy was to put food and water down so they would have something to eat. The ones boarded up were worse off; no light, mold, mildew and bacteria.

He was totally bewildered. It wasn't easy for him. He had the hardest time of the bunch.

There's such a quantity of dogs out there. But people there aren't interested in adopting a dog off the street. They're trying to rebuild their lives.

It's such an enormous job. It went phenomenally well, but the logistics and wear and tear on your body. . . . It's a lot.

Not a leaf moved. Everything was gray. All the houses were the same one color. There were no squirrels, no birds. If you saw something move, it was either a dog or a cat. They clung onto trees. We would bark like dogs and the dogs would bark back at us. I took a speakerphone to amplify my voice.