When we did make it public that we were not letting anyone watch any longer, the Filipino fans stopped coming. They respected the decision and knew it was for Manny's benefit. They helped us out and we respect that.

We love the Filipino crowds and it was great to have them there, but it got too much in the end. You couldn't breath in the gym, as more and more came each day.

I want him working more on his technique and not just going out there and putting a show on for the fans that come and watch him train.

It was nice having them in the gym, but ... Manny was performing for them more than for me. I wanted him working on technique and so forth. ... They've respected it. They realize it's for his benefit and they want Manny to win.

It's good because it gets him back in the gym, back into the mode of training for a big fight. ... Get him out of the pool hall a little bit.

We had too many distractions going into the Morales fight. Now a lot of the bad people are away from the scene and we have a good team, now.

In the last fight, the game plan went out the window.

The one fight (in between) is good for us. Right after this fight, we'll take a week off and then go into Morales mode.