"Frederick Weber Schmidt" is an American former competition swimming (sport)/swimmer, Olympic champion, and former world record-holder.

He began swimming competitively at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois. He was part of one of the greatest high school swim teams ever, in 1961. The team won the Illinois high school championship, and various team members held every high school national record at the time. The New Trier High School team placed third in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) championships that year behind the Yale and Indiana University teams. He then joined coach James Counsilman/Doc Counsilman's Indiana Hoosiers swimming and diving team at Indiana University.

At the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, he received a gold medal by swimming the butterfly leg for the winning U.S. team in the Swimming at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's 4 × 100 metre medley relay/men's 4x100-meter medley relay, setting a new world record of 3:58.4 with teammates Thompson Mann (backstroke), Bill Craig (swimmer)/Bill Craig (breaststroke), and Steve Clark (swimmer)/Steve Clark (freestyle). He also received a bronze medal for his third-place finish in the Swimming at the 1964 Summer Olympics – Men's 200 metre butterfly/men's 200-meter butterfly, clocking a time of 2:09.3.

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I've just got to get my name out there more. People are concerned about the city's wild spending, and that's why I'm running.

CSE is calling the shots. We'll be out here as long as we can, but there's no point in being our here if there are high winds and it's too dangerous for the musicians to play.

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We are selling some but are still net buyers because we think property values are still going up in Japan. For some assets we can make more money holding than selling.

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We want rate stability like everybody else. Rates set at actual cost are the best way to price electricity.

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