"Fred Ross" was an United States/American community organizer. He founded the Community Service Organization (CSO) in 1948, which, with the support of the Industrial Areas Foundation, organized Mexican Americans in California. The CSO in San Jose, CA gave a young Cesar Chavez his first training in organizing, which he would later use in founding the United Farm Workers. Ross also trained the young Dolores Huerta in community organizing.

Ross worked with Edward Roybal and other Mexican-Americans to form the CSO in East Los Angeles, and Roybal became its first President. This chapter of the CSO became politically active and help to elect Roybal to the City Council of Los Angeles in 1949, the first Mexican-American to serve as such since the 19th century.

Administration, which was in charge of relief program in the Coachella Valley.

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We've been getting good play and we've gotten good contributions from our bench.

Something always happens that you don't expect in these games, ... They're exciting, they're good to have and they're what football is all about. You always get excited for these games, and this year is no different.

Defensively, it wasn't our best, not when you give up 82 points.

We were into the flow early on. We came out and got everybody involved offensively in the first quarter. We got that cushion there that you see we needed.

We showed that to our kids. We use whatever we can to motivate them.

It might have been the best game he has played all year.

We're not talking like this is a championship game, because you can't think like that, ... This just happens to be challenge of the week.

We beat them by 24 earlier this season, so I think the kids felt the game against West Boca (in the 14-5A semifinal) was the championship game.

We've never backed down from playing anyone. We've played a lot of great teams. But we never took one on the chin like that. (Wyoming Area) was a much better team than us.