I think they're coming together at times. We still don't seem to have enough energy for two 20-minute halves.

Great second half. If you look at the details and you see they only got three field goals in the second half and we held them to 11 percent shooting, you have to win games. I told them they'd better play defense and they did. We played much harder and contested every shot.

We really only had a couple of places where I didn't like the way we defended. We rebounded well against a team that was much bigger and stronger than we were. Our kids learned a lot today. I played three freshmen and two sophomores for a ton of minutes today. And Kirby Lutz played her heart out against their top scorer.

They took a major step in the maturation process tonight. We didn't defend anyone in the first half. That worries me the most. We're scoring, but I'm worried where we're going to get defense. I'm proud of the way they came back.