Fred Ray
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"Frederic E. Ray, Jr." Source gives birthplace and "Jr." was an United States/American Comic book creator/comic book artist and commercial illustrator best known as the primary Superman cover-artist of the 1940s, whose work helped shape the defining look of the iconic superhero fictional character/character, and for his more than two decades as artist of the DC Comics feature "Tomahawk (comics)/Tomahawk". His cover of Superman #14 (Feb. 1942) is one of comics' most famous.

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Some people may have overlooked him. We practice together consistently. I know where they'll (receivers) will be. He has a knack for the ball.

I hoped he'd get up with the ball and be all right. That says a lot when you make a play like that.

This says a lot for our offense. We can make plays. We just need to keep it going.

We were coming off an emotional loss and still were a little down. We did bounce back. We took what they gave us. We didn't want to force anything. We had an edge on them.