I think the XP issue is a rather small event in the big-picture rivalry between AOL and Microsoft.

We're seeing an influx of competition on national level with various players partnering together, ... Now we have a number of fully national partnerships competing head to head.

Nextel is focused on the emerging market where wireless penetration is minute and growth potential is still ahead.

The AOL division actually came in worse than expected.

AOL Time Warner will be valued like a traditional media company with superior growth prospects.

The wireless telecom sector is facing a difficult transition right now, ... The competitive advantages of a year ago have become less meaningful.

The cut can't hurt, but it's marginal as far as its impact.

I wanted to have a successful season. I really wanted to take advantage of the sixth year of eligibility given to me by the NCAA.

You want to make that world championship team, that Olympic team. Those are the ultimate goals of professional athletes.

Gibby and I have felt each other out the past two years and came up with a formula that works for me.

Looking back, I thought best-case was lower 13:30s, high 13:20s.

I was really disappointed. This year's field was much stronger. I let myself get intimidated.

I never thought I would end up with a shoe contract.

The race really changed where I was going with my life.

I'm here at the elementary school in the morning and in the afternoon at the high school, so it's kind of a puzzle. Figuring out my place.

Atlanta is in for a treat this St. Patrick's Day. The teamwork by all the groups involved has been exceptional, and we have positioned ourselves for a successful and sustainable regional family festival for 2006 and many years to come.