Fred Krupp
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"Fred Krupp" is the president of Environmental Defense Fund, a United States-based nonprofit environmental organization/environmental advocacy group.

Krupp grew up in Verona, New Jersey and became acquainted with recycling through his father's company, which used old rags to create roofing material. He is a graduate of Yale University with a law degree from the University of Michigan and has taught environmental law at both schools.

Prior to joining Environmental Defense Fund, Krupp spent several years in private law practice in New Haven, Connecticut in several firms: Cooper, Whitney, Cochran & Krupp (1984); partner, Albis & Krupp (1978–1984). During that time he also was founder and general counsel for the Connecticut Fund for the Environment (1978–1984), a leading state environmental group.

Since 1984, when he became president of Environmental Defense Fund, he has been influential in developing many innovative market-based solutions, including the acid rain reduction plan in the Clean Air Act (1990)/1990 Clean Air Act, and the U.S. proposal to achieve least-cost greenhouse gas reductions in the Kyoto Protocol.

According to the Form 990 filed by Environmental Defense Fund with the Internal Revenue Service as required by law, in 2004 he earned $357,057 in salary and $51,113 in other compensation as president.

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There are a whole series of things that demonstrate that people want to act and want their government to act.

We expect at least $100 million worth of time and space over the next two years, so it is a big deal. When we are successful in making an issue that every American feels responsible to act on, that in itself can reduce emissions.