You can see what kind of a major influence this company has.

It's Friday, it's in the summertime, and a lot of this kind of stuff does go on during this period of time. People go away early on Friday and they don't come back until mid-Monday.

Basically it was a boring day all around, no matter where you look. It was boring here and it was boring in New York.

We find out whether they leave rates where they are or whether they raise them another 25 basis points. There is that doubt still hanging over the market.

If momentum can take 'em up, momentum can bring 'em back down again.

People were looking at things that don't have any revenues yet, that don't have any profits yet; they have a product and they have hopes and dreams.

Who would have ever thought that Mama Bell would become a sexy lady? ... But she suddenly is very, very sexy indeed and everybody wants to be in her sleigh.

The volatility of our market continues and I think there's still a lot of confusion as to where this market, at least in the short term, is going to travel.

The trend in the technology sector has been very, very heavily weighted on the downside, and until there's some reason to make it stop we're not going to be seeing anything different.