In hindsight, I should have thrown the ball. But I thought running a simple dive was less dangerous than throwing. The momentum shifted and we kind of went into the tioolet after that.

I always put Merstham, not Redhill.

I told him his account of the incident did not match what others who had witnessed it had told. You can infer liar from that. But I did not call him a liar.

These guys all know the plays but not at the positions we put them at.

They've got kids who are as big as anybody. They may not have people at the skill level as Inland Lakes or Central Lake, but they've been able to move the ball on everybody. They're well-coached.

I don't know if it's being on the road so much, or what. It will be nice to be back home.

That's why I'm staying. To make things less interesting.

We had our receivers in the backfield. We had some missed routes because we had to plug different kids into there.

We were running all over the field against them.

That gutsy play shows what she means to us.

They wanted closure. This obviously opened a lot of old wounds.

They didn't want to have the image of seeing him in their mind.

Especially for the kids they know they have the ability to gain some distance in this league without struggling, we just need to keep that intensity.

What we didn't want to do was match the 3-point shot for 3-point shot.

It makes you feel good when you look back.

I'd love to have them all like that.

Our kids are so young, it's going to be up and down the whole season. You have to find that right chemistry and stick with it.

I felt we had three chances to win it. Each time, something happened.