The IETF is interested in building something like a Swiss Army knife. We give you the tools and you can go build your network. If you don't have the right tools, then you can come back and identify the tools you need and we'll build them.

I believe we already have the tools that they need, ... If they need some other capability, then we can pursue that.

I think anytime you get all the groups together, practicing and doing the thing, residents have to feel good that we are doing the best at what's thrown at us. Did things go perfectly? No. Were there things we learned? We learned tons of things.

When we had 3,000-person meetings, a lot of the people were not there to work on things. The meetings that we have are smaller. The mailing lists are more contained, and the work is actually proceeding better.

It's worth it to get pedestrian facilities into that neighborhood.

What we do is architect the Internet, and the Internet is still a pretty rollicking place. We describe different functions that get done and principles by which they work, which is a different way to do architecture.

This is a governmental use of the Internet, but I can imagine corporations having corollary services in their networks.

Jason got hurt again in practice last week and missed three days. He played pretty well in the second half against Clarksville and we're confident that he'll be all right to start against Bentonville.

(Clarksville) basically controlled the game with our field position. Our two turnovers killed us and they simply capitalized on our fumbles, but we couldn't seem to capitalize on theirs.

We have new guys back there and Clarksville didn't throw the ball a lot the other night. So it could be very interesting on both sides.

(Clarksville) controlled the game. They played a good ballgame. We didn't play real well offensively. Defensively we did all right, but we had a couple of spots with a little bit of letdown that they were able to capitalize on.

We'll have to establish our running game and we'll also have to contain them on defense. We can't give up quick scores and we've got to make them use up some clock.

Having no penalties for us, that was just huge. We were down late in the game and our kids were still flying around to the football trying to make anything happen. That effort and positive attitude is what is going to help us throughout our season.

We struggled handing the ball off (last year). (Fisk) does a good job pitching the ball. We had some fumbles last year that had nothing to do with the Option. The other night it was the same thing.

They knew what they were getting into. I told them if they go into it with a positive attitude they would be OK. It is more mental than physical for most guys.

Part of it is just that they taste so wonderful.