Frankie Avalon
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"Frankie Avalon" is an American actor, singer, playwright, and former teen idol.

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I wish I could talk to Annette, but she doesn't even correspond at this point.

Any chance I had to get in front of people - amateur talent contests at movie houses like the Broadway, the president - I took.

It was nothing but pure fun.

I've been around two years shy of 50 years doing what I do. I am a musician.

What you must realize is that the kids are always teenagers - but he's an angel, so he's ageless.

I learned not to blink in a close-up or move your head at all, because if you did, they wouldn't use it.

Yes, but I don't think of the Teen Angel as of an age.

If you weren't shooting, you were rehearsing lines or a song or pre-recording a song.

When I started to play trumpet I was fortunate to learn very quickly.