It's a man-made system, and it's going to malfunction from now and again.

Whichever candidate is closest to my vision, I agree with ... I've got to hear them express themselves.

We have a lot of learning to do as far as how not to play. We played pretty good on defense, but as far as offense, the way we played was not the way we usually play.

Our 1-3-1 defense has won a lot of games for us, so we just keep reminding ourselves of that every time a team makes a run on us.

I'm kind of the guy that does all the little things that go under the radar. I still try and bring energy and score some points, get some shots, steals -- whatever they ask. I think I am pretty much the same player, just more experienced, better and I get more minutes.

It was real emotional. This was a great group of seniors. We had a lot of good times together. We never thought it would end. Everybody is really sad. A great run has come to an end.

I wanted him to have a good game real bad. He felt bad shooting 0-for-12 against a big rival like that. But with him having a big game it's just great to see him get that Pitt game behind him and keep moving forward.