Frank Stallone
FameRank: 5

"Worst Original Song"1985 Rambo: First Blood Part IIfor the song "Peace in Our Life"

/ years_active = 1976–present

/ parents = Frank Stallone, Sr.,Jackie Stallone

/ spouse =

/ children =

/ family = Sylvester Stallone (brother)

/ relatives = Sage Stallone (nephew, deceased)


"Frank P. Stallone, Jr." (born July 30, 1950) is an American actor, singer/guitarist and songwriter. He is the younger brother of Sylvester Stallone.

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I think this is maybe the best one, other than the original.

I always thought I could do it.

I was the first guy of my era to do this. Everybody thought I was absolutely out of my mind.

I think this is maybe the best one, other than the original. It's heartfelt. And it was done on a shoestring budget with lots of young guys (on the crew) and a handful of new stars--all new faces. I think people are going to love it.

Next thing I knew I had a few of my songs (in the film). (But) my brother is not that generous. He doesn't give me shortcuts to get ahead.

No one knew what to do with it (at the time). The biggest problem is bad management, if you don't have someone who's behind you.

Everybody wanted to write for the film.