It's a fun deal for our kids. It's one of our fund-raisers that we do. We'll present the varsity kids with their jerseys, and try to introduce all the kids and give them recognition. It kind of gets your season going a little bit.

The end of the year is a tough time for an event, and I like seeing all of our kids and parents. Everybody is excited about the season and starting baseball again.

We'll have rounds of golf on auction, baseball related items, signed balls, and an autographed jersey that the kids sign. The parents get different items to sell. It's not just baseball stuff, it benefits everybody.

We take anything that we get and put it back into our program for the kids to use. I just think it's fun, especially for our senior kids. They've been here a long time and it's a chance to honor them a little bit.

After he won his first league championship game, he went out and bought scooters for everybody. He never said anything to the league, never asked permission.

It was a total team effort. We played 16-17 guys per game. It's really good to see contributions up and down our lineup. When they get to the ball park, they are ready to play because they know they are going to play at some point and time.

You got to take advantage of your opportunities, and so far we've done that. We haven't played well defensively. If you can make routine routine plays you can win ball games and we have to get to where we can do that. Some of the conditions were a little wet the past few days, but I think we will get better in that area, it surely gives you something to work on.

We are really swinging right now. I think it says something of our kids and what they are doing well. We are winning that part of the game and putting it in play, and as a result we are getting more opportunities. I hope we can continue to do that. It will be a lot of fun.