I've worked in communities that are the size of Marquette. My experience has been in communities of roughly 20,000 to 30,000 in population, with a very diverse service base. I believe I'm an excellent choice to be your next city manager.

All Florida votes are equal, your honor, and no vote is more equal than another.

They are classed as temporary because we don't know the duration of the funding for the long-term care program.

After the election November 7, from the point of view of the citizens, ... all votes were equal, but some votes were more equal than others.

There are a lot of toxic work environments in local government, and it's because of inequity issues that sprout up. I believe that just as performance teams and empowerment energize an organization, equity issues sap energy, and you have to deal with those.

I thought it was big of Fife to call after we recruited someone to run against him. When I got to the first meeting, there was U.D. Roberts -- and we also have a political history.