They started raising issues like 'What's the training the CEO has to deal with financial planning, strategic issues, personnel management, marketing?' It's had a significant impact on the thinking.

There's not the same name recognition for Native artists as there is for the more mainstream . . . like Pollack, or Monet or Picasso.

It all starts with a commitment to get it right in the eyes of our native advisers and native communities, ... We want to present the material in a way that connects to people and helps them understand native cultures, builds cultural sensitivity, builds cultural awareness and makes them want to go beyond what they've seen.

The debate, which is one the museum profession has had for 25 years, began when corporate people started getting on boards of non-profits.

I didn't know how to read a balance sheet, ... But running a non-profit is like running any business. These are skills you need to have.