[The conference] only has two players in the league who were on the all A-Sun team last year. We have three new teams, so we feel like it's wide open.

You just can't do better than that.

We all expect for everybody on the team to give their all 100 percent of the time.

They can make the wild ideas; we come up with a reality.

Part of it was to support the facility.

It's just a great opportunity to represent my school, what we're doing, what SIFE promotes as a whole, ... I'm just very fortunate to be the mouthpiece.

I told my mom and she told everybody she ever sees. She just runs around and ... spits it out, so I really didn't have to tell many people.

My office is kitty-corner across the street, so I've been interested in that since it began. And I don't want to get mushy about it, but when I go into the big theater, the Ikeda Theater, I just get tears in my eyes. It's just a magnificent thing to have in Mesa.

With the new rules, I've been able to look at [my team] even before practices start.