We're learning from our mistakes. (The coaches) got on us pretty hard on our mistakes. They're getting tired of ... seeing us make the same mistakes.

I'm just trying to do my best and just play a lot of defense.

You could see how nervous I was on that shot. After that, I got it out of my system, and I was feeling pretty good. It was a great feeling just going against the guys you've been watching on TV.

It was stupid of me to do that. I should have left it up there, but I'll be all right.

It's been hard for everybody. It's time to have an increase. Everything is so expensive.

That happens. They were playing really good defense. We just made a couple of mistakes, and when you are on the road and you make mistakes like that, it's hard to win the game.

It's 150 miles of travesty, where you don't see any land, ... It's a very deep ocean. The water is black.

Everybody on the floor had to do something, because Kobe is an incredible player. It's different in the NBA. One guy isn't going to beat a guy like Kobe. ... I just tried to get open, play my game and stay close to him. It was everybody's effort.