We did the very best we could do with what we have. Right now there's still no end in sight because I don't know if or when our (injured) kids are going to get back.

We got killed in the paint--especially on second-chance baskets. When we had our close shots, we missed them. You can't win when that happens.

She is very smooth, isn't she? We didn't have anyone who could match her. We're just too undersized for someone of Denson's caliber.

We're happy that it's over, I didn't like the way it ended. We didn't play with intelligence in the end.

We pretty much took it where we wanted to and had the shots we wanted. We couldn't make the plays. All and all, we felt good about our kids.

We have some players on this team really busting themselves. We're just a little short-handed and a little hurt right now, or we might have more to say at the end of games.

Based on the circumstances, we had what we wanted at the end. Down by two, we were going for a tie with a two-point basket, but we just didn't get it done.

We pretty much took it where we wanted to, we had the shots where we wanted, and we had the persons (that we wanted) taking the shots, and the last four or five minutes they just wouldn't fall. We had it right where we wanted. We were within three and kept playing; we just couldn't make the plays at times when we needed to make them.

Considering the injury problems we have had, I am very pleased with this team. Most people don't realize it, but we recruited a member of the track team (Monique Bassett) to help us out.