I thought our offense was a little stagnant at times in the first half. I don't know, maybe we were a little tired. Defensively, we played much better in the second half and came back.

I was really happy with the way we responded in the second half. I was pleased with our free throw shooting because that was huge for us. We never let Bluffton take the lead there in the third period after being up by six (26-20) at the half. They tied it but we regrouped and kept the lead. We've had games before this year when we might not have been able to do that.

We were in position to have a chance to win or tie the game at the end and that's all we can really ask for.

Anytime Cochran's on the floor, he's a threat to score and he came back and got 18 against us in the second half.

It was a very frustrating loss for us. This team really needs to have someone on the floor all the time that says 'okay boys it's time to go' on a consistent basis. We may get that for four or five minutes at a time, but not for a prolonged period which is what we need.

What really hurt us was Wessel in the first half. He normally doesn't score like that, then we had to make adjustments to him in the second half, and then they were able to get the ball back inside to (Robbie) Brewer.

For a little more than three quarters, I thought we had stopped Jay County from getting the ball to the basket about as well as we had any team all year. Then they came back and hit five threes and beat us.