They want to use me for whatever they want, probably long relief, pitching day by day.

It's my first start, so I'm just trying to do the same things I've done in the Minors. I feel excited, and I'm happy to get a chance. If I do my job, maybe they'll make the decision [to keep me in the rotation].

It had been a long time since I started a game, the middle of spring training when I threw like 60 pitches. It felt good to throw that game.

I'm working with Ausmus and I follow him.

I felt good today. I felt better than last time when I was on the mound. It wasn't really nerves, but I was excited. I was just trying to be quick on the mound and get outs.

I feel real excited. It was my best night. I'm starting to show what I can do. I worked in the minor leagues a lot and that helped me.