There is something magical about reverse directories. Making this information public is a healthy thing. And we are using technology the way it should be, by bringing together groups of sellers and buyers who now have no way to reach each other.

When I was working in desktop publishing, I could often get my clients to include a small credit, and I'd get referrals from them. That is not always the case with Web design.

Many hybrid owners realize how sharply fuel efficiency goes down over 55 mph because they get instant mileage feedback.

I get about 99 miles to the gallon. When gasoline costs $3 a gallon, driving most gasoline cars costs 8 to 20 cents a mile. With a plug-in hybrid, your local travel and commuting can go down to 2 to 4 cents a mile.

Our goal for the build kit is this summer, but making this happen will be a volunteer project--as are most open-source efforts--so I'm not in a position to promise.

It's wonderful. In about a year, everyone's going to hear about plug-in hybrids.

You're substituting electricity for gasoline - that's the big benefit.