A protocol can solve many unsettled issues, including the venue to question Syrian officials.

It seems they've decided that the people who did it are Muslims, now let's go for the evidence.

Reasonable demands that are within the framework of international legitimacy.

We condemn all those who are trying to create a turmoil in Lebanon, our brother Lebanon. We hope that the Lebanese people will remain united and strong in these critical moments, denouncing any internal strife and rejecting any foreign intervention.

Once you have damaged the fields, there is almost nothing you can do about it. I have a great worry that we are not too far from it, ... The last two years have been a nightmare.

The high cost of access limits the use of the Internet as a civil society tool and stunts the growth of a culture to use technology as an information tool.

It is a step toward freedom.

Success in confronting terrorism on the regional or international levels is contingent upon addressing its root causes and protecting the right of peoples under foreign occupation to resistance.