This game was lost by us in the first half. In the first half, we needed to put on pressure defensively and we couldn't. We needed to rebound and we couldn't. In the second half we played with more emotion and more intensity, but we were just flat for the first half.

I think our players could have given into the frustration, but they really worked through it. No one who watched that game today left here and didn't think it was horribly unusual. But our players really rose to the occasion.

The thing with Moline is that their guards don't just have the ability to score. All three kids can run the offense very well and they help each other out.

Defensively, Moline really schemes and makes it hard to run your offense.

It was a gutsy move to bring Thomas back with six minutes left in the game. Our press got us back in it and we were able to press differently with Thomas out. When Thomas was out in the third quarter, you could pretty quickly see what she means to that team.

We lost the game in the first half, when we didn't match Moline's intensity. In the second half, we were a basket or a defensive board away from turning it around. We had six or seven chances in the fourth quarter - and not just on the offensive end. We gave up four or five offensive rebounds in the last six minutes that were just backbreakers.

Taylor is a repeat as special mention. I think that is quite an honor for a sophomore. I am excited to see how much Taylor improves as a player her last two years.