Normally, you look for the No. 3 hitter to be your best pure hitter, which would be Giles. We're there to set the table for him, create [run-producing] opportunities for him. Keep the train moving, any way we can.

This team is at its best when it's putting hits together. It's what we have to do to be successful with our offense.

It was important for our morale and important for the morale of the team for some of the Red Alert guys to be productive.

It's back to normal, but it's a different normal. It's not the same as it was before, but people are getting back to work. Life goes on.

Every new medium finds its own way and rules, ... It will be true for this one, too.

This is giving us (freshman) experience. It's giving a chance to step up.

We needed this. Our fans were huge, and we really responded to their support.

Guys are always looking for the edge. I think they'll just find something else.

It's not always written in stone that a team that stays healthy is going to win.