"Eric S. Schmitt" is a Republican Party (United States)/Republican candidate for Missouri's State Treasurer. He is a member of the Missouri Senate, representing the 15th senate district since 2009. He previously served as an Alderman for Glendale, Missouri from 2005 to 2008.

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These companies suffer from a lack of distribution. The challenge is who is going to introduce these companies to users.

Microsoft has to figure out a way to use the network to enhance their software. They can link to dictionary.com or thesaurus.com instead of bundling those features into Microsoft Word.

Detroit, when it comes to the quick casual restaurant business, has done extremely well. When you look at the volume compared to other cities, Detroit is always on the top tier. You have a very strong workforce that tends to eat out every day.

Really, we won't be on every corner like some concepts. The competition that's out there now, which is not even close to what we are doing now, is doing fantastic. Our typical customer is a white collar worker who wants something decent for lunch and is trying to stay away from the fast food.

You're banking on getting in and seizing your objectives -- finding Saddam, for instance -- and taking over a city [without] getting bogged down in urban warfare.

This is not going to be the re-fight of the Gulf War, with tanks rolling through the desert and ... the war being declared over well before you ever get to Baghdad. Baghdad is the prize of this campaign.

The database management companies have a tremendous asset in that they are hosting the customer data, which answer a lot of the questions of where and how to advertise. I think that's why this industry is growing as quickly as it is.

We're going to see a longer PC lifespan.

One of the threats to PC companies is how the demographics and behaviors of users are changing, ... People are half as likely to use a spreadsheet as they were a few years ago, half as likely to use financial management software, and about two-thirds as likely to use a word processor. The PC is becoming very much an entertainment device.