Eric Patterson
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"Eric Scott Patterson" is an American professional baseball outfielder who currently plays for the York Revolution. He has also played second base in the majors, which he predominantly played in the minor leagues. Patterson made his major league debut with the Chicago Cubs on August 6, 2007.

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In kobudo, I felt strong, and I put every last bit of energy into my kata. I'm (happiest) with what I did in kumite this year. I've practiced and practiced and kept getting better, progressing. If you have the right teachers to teach you, sometimes you have a breakthrough.

I thought I did as strong as I could, but in the judges' eyes, they didn't think so. It happens that way. I was disappointed, but I pushed it away and it was over with. But that wasn't easy.

I've done this for five years now. You keep doing the same thing over and over, with the traveling, and you get burnt out. So I might relax and get away from it and then come back and go full force.

One bad play can come back and haunt you. That's what happened a lot to us this year. We played a good game and had one inning other teams capitalized on.

We've really been led by the juniors. They've all played together and they're just a real tight bunch.

We've always gotten off to good starts. We've always beaten the teams that we were supposed to beat. Now, we need to get that big-time victory. That's what we're still waiting for.

Every time we play the big teams, we've given up the big plays, we've had the turnovers. Talent-wise, I know we're as good as anyone in Palm Beach County, but we always make those mental mistakes. So that's what we've been preaching all week.

He wanted to enjoy the ride back to school with the team.

They just outplayed our butts off.