Emily Williams
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"Emily Williams" is a New Zealand-born Australian singer and songwriter, who rose to fame on the Australian Idol (season 3)/third season of Australian Idol in 2005, and became runner-up of the season. After Idol, Williams signed with Sony Music Australia/Sony BMG and became a member of all-girl Pop music/pop group Young Divas, known for their singles "This Time I Know It's for Real#Young Divas version/This Time I Know It's For Real" and "Happenin' All Over Again#Young Divas version/Happenin' All Over Again". Following the disbandment of the group in 2008, Williams turned to Songwriter/songwriting and penned hits for many renowned recording artists both in Australia and internationally. She wrote her younger brother J.Williams (singer)/J. Williams' single "Ghetto Flower" (2008). In 2010, Williams' released her debut solo single "Spellbound", independently. Her debut solo album Uncovered was released in February 2012.

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Since they are freshman, they don't know a lot about JSU.

I'm here to teach them about JSU and different leadership positions and their roles.

I love it because I get to know these students. It is a great way to know people, especially incoming freshmen who may not know everyone.

Mostly, the mixer is a great way for new students to meet and make new friends.

We are not a legislative branch where we vote on items but rather a forum where students can voice their concerns.

It's a time to go find out more about the organization and the major, it will be very laid back and people can ask questions about the major and the program.